Use cases

Supply Chain

Activeledger was implemented in the shipping supply chain to track the containers. Container Streams’ solution brings forward a value proposition to the industry that is quite unique. Creating interoperability between the underlying Distributed Ledger with all kinds of existing systems (legacy systems, blockchain systems, shipping portals, weighbridges) and messaging protocols (EDIFACT, e-mail, API).


Agility sciences investigated principles and hypotheses for monetising anonymized patient data and for the patient to receive feedback and rewards for doing so.

Supply Chain Finance

Agility sciences were engaged with a consortium of businesses to help optimise and create efficiencies in traditional business processes used in the agricultural industry of China utilising Agility sciences’ supply chain finance solution.

Sustainability Development

Agility sciences have implemented Activeledger in a sustainability solution enabling corporates, governments, financial institutions, and non-profits to map, manage, monitor, measure, and market their initiatives on a Distributed Ledger technology platform.

Decentralised Payments

Activeledger is implemented in a decentralised, Peer-to-Peer payment platform that allows users to perform transactions free of cost. Activeledger provides the unique features and services that allow for the creation of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations(DAO).

Key Management

A secure key storage application that allows for instantaneous key access. It can be used to store the private keys of any product that uses them. For example key-less car fobs. This application breaks up private keys and stores the parts individually across distributed nodes. It has been implemented in such a way that it can be used to store keys in a highly available manner. This allows it to provide hot wallet-like access, but with the security of a cold wallet.