Core Technology

Smart Contracts

Nodes use smart contracts to interoperate using a set of deterministic workflows.


Facilitate a smooth transition by inter-operating with established business logic.

Activity Streaming

New messages are spread amongst the nodes simultaneously in a peer-to-peer fashion.

Activeledger Integrations







Transact anonymously and keep aggregate portfolios anonymous in the ActiveLedger network.


Trace the full chain of an asset’s ownership when required by contract or law.


Any counter-party check or subsequent transaction can be finalised instantly.

Workflow Automation

Smart Contracts

Asset movement controlled by customised terms and conditions that, once triggered, self-execute.


Scale the infrastructure to enormous transaction volumes without a drastic increase in costs.


Connect to ordinary Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies, legacy systems and IoT devices.


Martyn Walker
CEO & Founder
Martyn began writing front and back office applications for the financial industry in the eighties. In 1997 he co founded Adeptra in 2000 which sold for $115m to Fico California in 2012. He built Adeptra’s fraud resolution SaaS platform which enables financial services institutions to take advantage of mobile communication to manage risk, fight fraud and improve customer experience in real time.
Adam Walker
CTO & Founder
Adam created his first commercial application before leaving school. Although sold as part of a company acquisition in 2010 it continues to produce regular revenue. He is passionate about software development and design and if he is not building or demonstrating his work will be found investigating nascent design and architecting techniques.
Eric Van der Kleij
Eric Van der Kleij is CEO of and Chairman of the Advisory Group and Adviser on Fintech and Blockchain for UK Trade & Investment’s Global Entrepreneur Programme. He is also Special Adviser to the FinTech stream of the Zurich based Kickstart Accelerator, and a co-founder of the Crypto Finance Conference
Keith Holdt
Board Advisor
Keith is a private equity professional. He is the founder of Equity Impact partners, who focus on supporting boards and senior management teams, as well as driving shareholder value creation programmes that generate growth through cash generation, revenue growth and cost saving.
Dr Heather Skipworth
Heather holds a Phd and joined Cranfield School of Management faculty in 2004 after a number of years as a manager in manufacturing. As a Senior Lecturer she is now a Director of the Agile Supply Chain Research Club, which provides a collaborative forum where member companies can share promising supply chain practices and participate in Cranfield University research.
Dr Vahid Mirzabeiki
Dr. Vahid Mirzabeiki FHEA is the director of Intelog Ltd, a consultancy firm which provides state-of-the-art tools and solutions to companies for solving their logistics and supply chain-related problems. Vahid is a Senior Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management at Coventry University Business School.
Dr Maria
Maria holds Phd from Imperial College London and is a leading expert in computing with considerable experience in security, cryptography, blockchain, and training within academic and non-academic environments. She audits smart contracts and ensures top-standard security of activeledger.
Mark Greenwood
Mark is member of the executive management team. He deals with financial forecasting and budgets, and overseeing the preparation of all financial reporting. Provides leadership, direction and management to the finance and accounting team.
Chris Holdt
Lead blockchain developer
Having had an interest in programming and computing since an early age, Chris spent a number of years managing and programming alongside other developers. He now works as Lead Blockchain Developer for Activeledger.
Hamid Qureshi
Blockchain Developer
Blockchain, early-day Ethereum enthusiast, smart contract, IoT(Internet of Things) and Mobile developer having professional experience in developing numerous production applications on Android. He holds a Postgraduate degree in Software Engineering from Queen Mary university and Bachelors in Computer Sciences with a passion for traveling and sports like snooker, table tennis, and soccer.
Nauman Tariq
Blockchain developer
As a passionate full stack developer, having 4 years of well-rounded experience, Nauman has worked on many projects in Java and as well in Mean Stack. He is currently working as a blockchain developer for Activeledger


We are looking for Experienced Developers and Marketing Associates.
Send your CV along with a cover letter to and we will get in touch.


  • Blockchain Lab
    Extension of blockchain principles.
    Investigation of the principles of blockchain for future financial and commercial use.
  • Activeledger V1 Development
    Initial goals laid out

    • Territoriality
    • Interoperability
    • Scalability
  • Activeledger V1
    Creation of initial prototype

    • Javascript Based
    • APO example included
    • Working Encryption
    • Support for multiple PPK cryptography methods
  • Activeledger V2
    Complete rewrite based on lessons learnt

    • Typescript based, full rewrite
    • High transactions per second
    • Multisignature handling
    • Public blockchain integration
    • Legacy Software integration
    • Deterministic Smart contract behaviours
  • Activeledger Open Source
    Activeledger released as Open Source on GitHub

    • Enterprise Distributed Apps (DApps)
    • Live Activeledger Public test network
    • Open source & available on GitHub
    • Developer Documentation
  • SDKs and Secrecy
    Connectors, adapters, SDKs, and other tools to aide usage of Activeledger

    • Stream explorer
    • SDKs for Web, Android, iOS, and more.
    • Drag and drop contract editor
    • Further PPK Cryptography research
  • Blockchain as a Service
    Automate delivery methods, create more tools, and improve network interaction capabilities

    • Automated installation across providers
    • Automated updates with backward compatability
    • Client management UI
    • External permission management UI
    • Networks can accept new ledger instance connections outside their BaaS
  • Hybrid Model
    Implement the ability to create a hybrid network of full and light nodes

    • Satellite nodes
    • Satellite nodes form own consensus to outweigh the main network
    • IoT devices can maintain the network with strict hardware requirements
    • Permissive nodes can rebuild from hybrid nodes
    • Trust validity verification
    • Mobile ledger nodes
    • Multiple consensus mechanisms
  • Quantum Safe Cryptography
    Research and investigate methods to improve cryptography

    • Quantum safe cryptography
    • Shortest Vector Problem (SVP)
    • Closest Vector Problem



The ability to check immediately the right of transfer for a potential counterparty, before entering a trade without resorting to the services of a trusted third party.


The potential to transact anonymously and to keep aggregate portfolios anonymous.


The ability to trace the full chain of ownership of an asset, when required by contract or law.


The capability to be agnostic both to the type of asset transacted and to the contract terms entered by the transacting parties.


The impossibility to ‘double-spend’, that is, transfer a right to one party and then transfer the same right to another.

Multilateral Transactions

The ability to complete a simultaneous multi-lateral transaction.

Workflow Automation

(sometimes referred to as smart contracts) Asset movement controlled by customised term and conditions.


The ability to connect to ordinary blockchain and distributed ledger technologies and IoT devices.


The capability to scale the infrastructure to enormous transaction volumes.


The facility to document ownership over very long periods of time (and in some cases infrequently).


The capacity to support strict and unambiguous conditions to asset transfers (“I will transfer this holding to you, if and only if, you transfer that holding to me”).


The binary property of every transaction to either complete (“settle”) in its entirety, or fail in its entirety.


The characteristic of all completed transactions to be final, indisputable and impossible to retract or change.


The right to divide and combine quantities of assets in a flexible, generic manner (if permitted to do so).


The ability to demonstrate ultimate record ownership and given set of rights reside in a specific geographical location.


No need to change your entire strategy; Activeledger allows you to work side-by-side with your current system and to switch only when you are confident it can be done safely.


The characteristic of any counter party check or subsequent transaction to be immediate and final.


The characteristic of unchangeable activity entry in eternity terms.