The volume of patient data managed by hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies increases each year. The approach adopted by organisations to securely share information and allow each party to verify the data is decisive to a more significant step further into maturing the healthcare sector. ActiveLedger is dedicated to enhancing absolute trust between hospitals and research labs, and the public and clinics.

Supply Chain Finance

Not only any industry can be involved with complex supply chain network, but also credit-lending and fund-sourcing for small suppliers deep down and across the chain are critical tasks for a sustainable network. ActiveLedger provides an unprecedented solution that gives boutique but vital participants in the chain a guaranteed way of securing working capital and continuing operations.

Supply Chain Finance


Supply Chain

Managing a system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service is an art. As complicated as a supply chain network can be, ActiveLedger aims to smooth out the process for each participant painlessly with transparent and hassle-free management tools at your disposal.


Benefits in the finance sector were one of the first DLT proof of concepts to be developed and tested. ActiveLedger works with leading banks on settlements, trade finance and wider courses in the finance and banking sector. We believe that the distributed ledger technology can save time as well as reduce risks that will eventually lead to enormous cost reduction.

Trade Finance



Digital technologies have made a disturbance in the global entertainment and media industry over the last two decades. However, problems like compensation and copyright are deepened through rapid sharing and convenient distribution. ActiveLedger approach these issues by embedding the nature of immutability into transferring the original content.

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